mia salsi creative force to be reckoned with
Freedom of Expression

In a world of so few freedoms the one thing that can never be taken from any of us is our freedom of expression. Why does the caged bird sing? Because it can. Do not be silent and passed by unnoticed in this life. Express yourself!
Freedom is not a gift, it is a right and it is my right to express myself in everything I do.
Live for your Passion

To me, passion is life. What you are compelled to do, what you must do to make your soul live, is passion. To live any other way is not living, it is existing. You must live for your passion or you are, in a sense, already dead.
My passion is storytelling. I love finding the common thread that ties something together then weaving all the visual and aural elements in sequence to tell the story. The ability to evoke emotion is a natural high.
Create your own Style

I don’t play in Grey. It is either black or it is white. It is hated or it is loved. If it is Grey, it is mediocre and it will not be remembered. Create a look, style or a brand that will be remembered, talked about, hated or admired and it will be successful.
I love taking a concept and breathing life into it through any and all visual mediums. Like the infamous Frankenstein, I like playing God to a concept with the final step in my creation being, “It’s Alive!”
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

It is truly a fact of life that everyone sees things differently. I find beauty in the strangest of places, in destruction, in scale, in thought, in air, in sounds, in smells, in all of our senses and then again, in nothingness, void, loneliness, sadness, or a tear.
Beauty can be created and it can be destroyed but beauty can be found in the destruction of beauty itself.
It is all in how you look at it and that alone, is beautiful.
Strength of Self

Self esteem, confidence and strength of self all go hand in hand. It is a necessary base you must have to be yourself. The more solid the foundation the more indestructible the house. You build them all by trying, doing, putting yourself out there, believing in yourself, and never giving up.
Imagine if John Lennon did not have strength of self.
Truth Seeker

I am a truth seeker. Under a rock, in the belly of a whale, in the handshake of a greeting, in the eyes of a liar or in the mind of a killer, truth always finds a way of revealing itself. Truth is the greatest revealer in life and I strive to find it no matter where it lies. The one thing that will lose all respect no matter what the circumstance, is a lie.
In all I do, truth is at the core.
Wisdom and knowledge create the unknown

This is a line from a poem that I wrote years ago. In essence it means that the more you know, the more you don't. In this life we are all students and we will never know all there is to know... What would be the point?
My mind is constantly thirsty for knowledge and I strive to learn as much as I can, when ever I can.
But, the more I know, the more “the unknown” is known to me.
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